La Vito was founded in 2020 by Donna Vesey.​

Our little soap company started as a fun hobby for Donna and her daughter, Maggie.  At first, they were only looking to make simple soaps and shampoos at home, especially shampoos for curly/wavy hair, which many people in their family have.  The shampoos and soaps created didn't just smell amazing, but felt great too and made their skin and hair soft, strong, and healthy.  Eventually the idea was had to venture into artisan soaps, with designs and themes.  The overwhelming support and love of their soaps from friends and family lit a fire inside them.  Donna then decided to take their fun hobby one step further and provide a new line of not only unique soaps, but bath bombs, bubble bars, and more to all who are looking for alternative bath products with NO harmful chemicals, silicons, or preservatives.

But... why La Vito?  Well, Vito is our dog!

This little boy is a 7 year old Chihuahua-Dachshund mix.  He was rescued by us from an abusive home in 2014.  He had never even been outside before we rescued him.  A whole year of his life inside, kept in a dark crate in a back bedroom with a food dish, pee pad, one toy, and water, but no love was shown to him, only abuse and neglect other than basic necessities.  When Vito first arrived, he was terrified of everything.  He hated people, specifically men, and was very skiddish and scared all the time.  He was territorial about food and toys.  He absolutely hated people entering and leaving the house, and disliked any new people. Noises frightened him and made him very barky, barking so loud and often (for HOURS a day) that he'd lose his voice and get sore throats a LOT.  That didn't stop us from giving him the love and attention this little guy needed.  Over time he slowly started warming up to people (specifically Maggie and Donna), and started losing his aggression with men. 


With lots of love, hugs, pets, kisses, (and chicken), he is almost a new dog!  He gained weight, staggering at a mighty 6 lbs in comparison to his starting weight of 4 lbs when he arrived (2 lbs is a lot for a little dog)!  Vito loves his family, (though still likes barking at dad and nobody can figure out why).  He loves watching cars through the fence and chasing them, playing with his squeaky toys, wearing clothes, and being carried around like a baby.  Vito is spoiled and treated like a little king, getting his own cheeseburger on special nights and getting to sleep in the big bed with his mommy.  He's still pretty barky when it comes to unfamiliar situations and loud noises, but the amount of progress he's made since those bad days is astronomical.  

So after all of that, how could we not name our company after our brave and adorable little guy?  Vito is our baby, we love him and all animals.  Hence why we have special soaps named after our past and present pets, each of these being released ONLY during their birthday month!  So stay tuned for those... (hint hint, Vito's birthday is in February!).

© 2020 by LA VITO.